Oakville Branch 114 started out in 1919 as a member of the British Empire Services League. This “League” was the pre-cursor to the organization now known as the Royal Canadian Legion. The Legion organization was founded in Winnipeg in 1925 and was incorporated by a special Act of Parliament Charter issued in 1926. Our Branch is designated #114 and this has been our assigned Legion branch identifier since 1926.

Our first Branch club house, acquired circa 1930 was located at the corner of Church Street and George Street in Oakville. It was a converted residential house that was re-worked to serve as our first branch location.

The Branch moved to a larger converted house in 1943 which was located at the corner of Navy Street and Church Street. This facility simply became known as “the Church Street Legion”. The building was gradually expanded in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Our members decided to sell the Church Street clubhouse in the year 2000 due to several negative circumstances such as declining membership, rising maintenance costs and lack of parking. The Branch then “stood down” for 2 years, sharing the facilities of the Bronte Legion branch during this time.

The Branch did not die. In 2002, aided by a few enthusiastic and dedicated members, the Branch acquired a new club house at 36 Upper Middle Road East in Oakville. The building addressed many of the short comings of the previous club house and we are now working hard to increase our member numbers and to add value and interest to membership in the Legion and in our Branch.